• 1.Buy products from us at GXLY trade membership price once you have purchased a membership using your order number for payment references.
  • 2.Minimum investment £250
  • 3.We can only choose the products to resell for you once we have your initial investment.
  • 4.GXLY trade members will make £500-£1,000 + a week profit depending on your initial investment.
  • 5.We resell them online and in our showroom at wholesale prices to businesses and our customers worldwide.
  • 6.You will receive a email once we have sold your products.
  • 7.We will transfer your profit into your bank account the same day, if  members want they initial investment you will have to email us and let us know as we will only send initial investments end of every month on the 3oth. You can add to your initial investment daily using your order number as a reference but will need to send us proof of payment.
  • 8. We are the leading distributors in the UK supplying  independent retailers and personal shoppers which is a big advantage for all GXLY TRADE MEMBERS to make good profit daily.
  • 9. We also have customers worldwide who also purchase items for themselves at wholesale prices being GARMZ members which is a big advantage for GXLY TRADE MEMBERS to make good profit daily.
  • 10.The more products you invest in the more profit you make.
  • 11.A GXLY trade member can make anything between £30-£120 profit on each product that we resell.
  • 12.Once a item is sold we transfer your initial investment + profit into your bank account the same day.
  • 13.GXLY TRADE MEMBERSHIP expires every 5 days.
  • 14.In order for us to keep reselling for you, you will have to renew your membership every 5 days.
  • 15.No monthly contract
  • 16.We deduct £50.00 from every initial investment we do for our GXLY trade members. Once we have resold all our members products we only then take deduct £50.00
  • 17. Initial investments over £5,000.00 will need to send us proof of income, work reference , recent bank statement or if you self employed you will need to send us your company details, role for the company and recent bank statement.
  • 18.Your initial investment is never at risk, as a GXLY TRADE member you will always make profit daily.

We set this GXLY TRADE PLATFORM up for you all to benefit from and make good profit.


Order before 5pm for next day delivery in the UK!
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