About us

Established in 2014, the NO.1 leading distributor online selling luxury brands, and many others to a broad range of resellers, independent retailers, personal shoppers, and allowing our customers worldwide also to purchase items online and at our showroom for themselves at wholesale prices once you have become a GARMZ MEMBER.

Independent retailers and personal shoppers can book a appointment to visit out showroom and purchase stock for they business.

We strive towards ensuring each and every customer receives the greatest possible service, Our mission is to deliver a positive solution to each and every customer.

We are proud of the strong relationships we have created with customers, colleagues and partners, We act with integrity and we are always accountable for the quality of the work we deliver.

We believe teamwork is a huge part of our success so collaboration and curiosity is what creates our genuine desire to keep delivering great value to our customers. Whether you contact us via Telephone or Email we truly raise the bar of great customer service, answering all enquiries individually whilst striving to answer every question in as much details as possible to give you all of the information you need to enjoy your shopping experience with us. We pride ourselves in upholding our core values.

We aim to be pinnacle of customer service. Our team’s dedication to these core values is what keeps us delivering incredible value to our customers and partners.

At GARMZ we initially began trading as a online retailer selling luxury brands to consumers but gradually became the leading distributors in the UK supplying businesses which has enabled us to still sell single products to our customers worldwide.

The wholesale platform was set up in 2018 as we seen a gap in the market in need of a wholesale platform for luxury brands.

We are the first company to setup a online wholesale platform selling luxury brands at wholesale prices for businesses and customers to purchase direct from our website.

We also provide products at wholesale prices on single buy, which ensures that you will struggle to find our prices beaten.

This matched with our quick and reliable customer service will ensure that your experience with GARMZ will be nothing short of exceptional.

We have two headquarters one being in the UK and the other in Italy which businesses and customers can visit once a meeting has been arranged with our sales team to come and buy products and get to meet the whole team at GARMZ.